MISSION: Uganda Blog Update 05-28-2015

Greetings from Uganda! PRAISE THE LORD OUR CONTAINER HAS ARRIVED! It took a bit longer to get here than we would have liked due to bad rain in the mountains in Kenya, and crooked customs agents at the border, but our clearing agent overcame all obstacles and got it here at last.


Massive pile o’ books for the new church library.

Thank you to everyone who aided us in making this library possible: the people who donated books and money to buy and then ship the container, our Pastor and the folks in our church who got the thing loaded, organized, and on its way, the good people at Missionary Expediters who got it to Africa, then Goldfield Logistics in Kenya, who had to negotiate to get our container through to us with minimal delay and costs, and BIMU here in Uganda who had to help with some of the paperwork. Lots of people were involved getting the container here, and we are very, very grateful.

Meanwhile out at Nakivale, God has been blessing at all four churches. In Ngarama, the town has received 400 new families from the unrest in Burundi. We are seeing some growth there as new people seek us out.

In Juru, the church is bursting at the seams. We are going to have to expand that building to accommodate. God has raised up a man and given him the vision to start a primary school. He already has three schools going, maxed out with students. The need for a school here is grave, as the one public school they have has class sizes of 200, and minimal discipline or actual learning going on. Pray for us as we assist the growth of this endeavor. The new books are going to be a huge help. Thank you to those of you who sent school supplies!

Kabazano and Sangano are also both growing. We will be conducting another baptism service soon.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are making inroads at the camp, so I am tailoring some specific teaching to counter their many heretical, unBiblical beliefs. Pray for the truth to keep overcoming the lies. Our churches have gained a reputation for emphasizing the truth. When I was preaching about tongues and the deceptions of the modern Signs and Wonders movement, I heard that one of the local Pentecostal pastors at Sangano became frustrated with one of our folks who was debating the point with him. This Pastor declared “These Baptist only care for the truth!” Indeed. The Pentecostals here believe in extra-Biblical revelation – our folks insist on Bible, Bible, Bible.


Stuck in the mud at Sangano.

Last month, we got badly stuck in the mud at Sangano. Somebody cut the road we normally use to make an irrigation ditch for their field, and this was the result. We finally had to get a team of 20 guys to pick the truck up and set it back on the road. The folks from Sangano pitched in and helped. It was a community affair. Our car was damaged. I got the really serious stuff fixed, so we can keep driving out there, but the 4WD is toast. I will have to save money for several months to repair that. It will have to be done before the rains come again, because as you can see, the road inside the camp is impossible to negotiate in the rains without 4-wheel.

Pray for us. I am still working on getting our paperwork together to submit to the NGO board in Kampala. There is one local official here who is delaying us badly. I just need a letter of recommendation from him – he is delaying to give it. Pray that this will be quickly resolved so we can get our NGO created soon.

Keep praying! The LORD is at work at Nakivale, and we are privileged to participate in what He is doing.

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