MISSION: Uganda Blog Update 05-16-2016

Greetings! We are getting down to the wire on returning to America for a visit. We are busily working on cleaning, organizing, and packing.

Since the last letter, there have been some awesome developments. Are you ready for this: THE NGO HAS BEEN APPROVED! That’s right, after 14 months of navigating a labyrinthian maze of tangled bureaucracy, we have birthed Grace Baptist Missions of Uganda into the world. Now that we have our NGO, as General Director, I can do whatever is needed to maintain and advance our ministry. We have legal authority from the government of Uganda to operate within the country. The Ugandan Parliament has tightened the requirements for NGOs considerably, so getting to this point was a monumental effort involving many different people. Thank you for praying.

I have spent the past several weeks reviewing the church constitution at each of the preaching points. I wanted to make sure everything was very clear, and that everyone had ample time to study the copies I provided in Swahili and think and pray about joining. Finally, we had our organizational services where the people had opportunity to sign the Constitution and formally join the church. Next week, I’m having the final service before we leave, and baptizing all those who need to be baptized so they can join the church also. This has the effect of making very sure that no one is clinging to false religions, while attending the Baptist church.

My goals for this furlough are twofold:

  1. Raise more support. We lost 30% of our support this term. I have to replace that, or we cannot continue in this work. Pray that each of the churches we visit will be able to join our team to continue the work of the Gospel in the Nakivale Refugee Camp.
  2. Raise funds for the refugee camp. We have many outstanding projects and needs that require funding. Pray I will succeed in securing the funds I need to fully support this vital work.

Pray for us as we wrap things up here, and prepare for our exhausting and arduous journey to America. Pray for our safety and health as we travel. Pray for the churches in our absence, and the men who have shouldered the responsibility of leadership.

IBC of Ngarama

Independent Baptist Church of Ngarama

IBC of Isanja

Independent Baptist Church of Isanja

IBC of Kabazana

Independent Baptist Church of Kabazana

IBC of Sangano

Independent Baptist Church of Sangano

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