MISSION: Uganda Blog Post 12-11-2017

Merry Christmas, y’all! It’s been a good year for us. God is blessing our ministry here in Uganda. The churches are growing with people getting saved and baptized. Our NGO has been renewed for five years. We are now entirely legal as missionaries with Grace Baptist Missions of Uganda, which is a marvelous achievement.

Thanksgiving Turkey

This year’s Thanksgiving turkey. He was delicious.

In a couple weeks, we are having a joint baptism/wedding/Christmas service. I will be marrying a young couple who have chosen to not live together or commit fornication before marriage. In this culture, that’s huge. I have married a lot of couples who were either already married, but needed the documentation for emigration purposes, or were living together, and decided to properly wed. This is the first of a group of younger Christians growing up in the church who are repudiating their culture and choosing instead to live their lives and marry Biblically. It is so encouraging as a Pastor to know that people are internalizing Biblical truth and making it their own.

To all of you who contributed to the Ngarama Church Reconstruction Project – behold what your money has accomplished! I thank God that His people have been obedient to His will and supported this work. This is a substantial improvement, and is a great encouragement to Ngarama Independent Baptist Church. They are putting the finishing touches on the structure this week. We will be painting the interior once the cement has cured. I am also getting some additional benches made, and a new pulpit. I still need money for a baptistry here. It will be about $1500 to construct. Once we have that, I would like to have a church building dedication in February, and invite the community to come and see the new building. It will be an opportunity to preach the Gospel, and do some community outreach. There are still several urgent building projects. Anything you give will be put to work, and will have direct bearing on the refugees of Nakivale, Uganda.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Finished Church Building

Our Ngarama church folks, in front of the new building.


A view of the interior. I made sure all doors are tall enough for me. 🙂

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