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The Packing Challenge

Numerous times we’ve had people say to us “We appreciate the sacrifices you make!” While we acknowledge the sentiment, we don’t feel like we are sacrificing by living on the mission field. I have a corner full of luggage that can attest to this lack of sacrifice. :-/ It’s difficult to condense one’s life into a […]

Born Abroad

When you have a baby in America, everything with registering the birth is very straightforward. A nurse comes to your room later in the day after the baby is born or the next day. They take down your information – Parent's full names and birth places, and that sort of thing. They give you a […]

A Year in Review

Wednesday was the first anniversary of us moving to Uganda. It's been an eventful year and I thought a recap of it might be nice. March… The month started with our commissioning service. Later in the month we loaded our container and saw that ship off. Then we flew out of Chicago with 26 pieces […]

A Bit More of the Mundane – Food Preparation

This part of living in Africa has probably been the most challenging. Before moving to Africa I'd been pretty good about making pretty much everything from scratch. We didn't buy a lot of mixes. I even made our butter and yogurt from scratch in the states. But I took for granted the readiness of other […]

Birthing Babies

I told Anna if we got to Friday and nothing had changed (to wit, baby born, un-to wit), then we'd go see the doctor. Well, we went and saw the doctor. Everything is fine with the both of them, but the baby, like all the others, will have to be evicted. Anna has required oxytocin […]