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Urgent Update on Kyle Guimon

Hello, all. This is Anna. Please be in fervent prayer for Kyle Guimon today. Last night in the night (once at 2:50 AM and once at 3:50 AM) his heart stopped completely and they had to restart it. They don't know what caused this to happen. Right now he is on dialysis. His kidneys are working but no where near what they need to be doing. The hope is that giving him the dialysis several times over the next days will help cleanse his body enough for them to see marked improvement in his health. Please pray for the Great Physician's healing touch on Kyle. Both Kyle and Debbie are very aware of God's presence with them and Kyle believes he is going to live through all of this. Pray for Debbie and Matthew. Debbie has been at Kyle's side almost constantly over the last days, even sleeping in the hospital waiting room. She is very tired both emotionally and spiritually. Pray for the Dr.'s to have wisdom as they work with Kyle. Thank you all for your prayers!


God works in our lives in ways that we could never plan or figure out. Sometimes He places people in our path just at the time we needed it most. Last night was one of those times for me.

This last month has been a very emotional month for me. Visiting Grandpa and having him pass away, being the cause of an accident in which our deputation van was totalled, finding out that another baby is on the way, my emotions have run the gamut from extreme sorrow to great joy. We've also struggled with sickness in the last week or so. To say the least I've been feeling a little tired and struggling with discouragement, grieving and burn-out. Yesterday afternoon one of the boys woke up from his nap with a slight fever but it was gone after he'd been up for a little while. I tried to talk James into letting me stay home with the kids while he went on to the meeting by himself. He wanted me to go. So we all went.

Goals and Expenses

While at candidate school we realized the importance of setting goals for deputation and seeking to meet them. So we came home and James started a new job. We’d set some goals for setting up meetings but James’ work schedule didn’t really allow him to meet any of those goals.

The last couple of weeks God has really opened up them time for him to make calls to set up meetings. It is exciting to hear from him each time he gets done making calls and see what God has done.

Saturday we found out that the water pump on the van was going out. Thankfully it doesn’t look like anything is messed up in the engine. However, we can’t get it fixed yet. We needed an oil change on the smaller van that James uses for work but needed to save our money to fix the bigger van. James gave the smaller van an oil change. It went smoothly for the most part. He did get the wrong oil filter but was able to go back and get the right one without a problem.


Last night when I was getting ready to climb in bed I had to move James' work bag (has tools, software, etc. that he needs for work). As I reached to pick it up a HUGE spider crawled onto the side of the bag. No kidding, it must have been 2-1/2 to 3 inches in diameter. And it's legs weren't even really spread out completely. It was one of the biggest spiders I've ever seen. Even James was a little horrified by the size of it! I screamed, did a little jig and called for James.