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Blow wind blow!

James is preaching through Romans in our churches. He started today with Paul’s greeting and introduction in chapter 1. Today is also Eid and the end of Ramadan. Muslims don’t go to mosque on Sunday but this morning they were going in droves. It was strange to see so many Muslims walking to their meeting […]

Welcome Back! Karibu Sana!

The road to church was good, today. The best it’s been in a long time. Gone were the potholes and washes that plagued us before we left for furlough. They must have graded the road recently, because they were still working on a section of it toward Kabazana and the rain hadn’t had a chance […]

Pizza! (Part 2.1)

Months ago, I posted about pizza crust. I promised I would follow up with how to make our homemade sauce. Afterward, it occurred to me that, in order to properly post about the sauce, I would need to be back in Africa so you, dear reader, could get the full effect of our process for […]

How’s Africa?

“How’s Africa?” “What’s it like in Africa?” We’ve been asked these questions over and over again when we visit the US. While I don’t mind these questions and I understand where they are coming from (a desire to get to know and understand the place where we live) they are difficult to answer for several […]

“Welcome home!” said Mr. Spider

Upon our arrival back in Uganda, our home was a perfect example of Newton’s second law of thermodynamics: the entropy of an isolated system always increases. Our house = isolated system Our house = increased entropy We discovered a forest growing in a part of our yard that no one could reach with trimmers. Trees […]