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Well, took me two days instead of one. At any rate, I've fixed the layout, and everything should be up there for your viewing pleasure now. We're up to 13 meetings now, and I hope to get some more today. Be praying, as my job wants us to go to some unnecessary convention in San Antonio in November, which I cannot attend because I already have a meeting scheduled. I was hoping to remain in this job through the end of the year, and really need more meetings and support in order to quit without starving us. Confustication and bebotherment! Undecided


Got ‘er done in record time. The music selection took longer than the actual slide preparation. We were finished, tho’, by 1700 on Tuesday, and home that night by around midnight. We gave our pastor and family a sneak preview Wednesday night. I have the remainder of the week off, so I’m capitalizing on the time to try and make phone calls, and do things to get ready for September, which is when we will be starting our first meetings. Currently, I’m working on a Flash animation version of our slide presentation, so folks can view the slides in their entirety from the internet. Keep your eyes pe


The slide presentation is going much more quickly than expected. We had the slides (the pictures) ready when we came, thanks to Anna, and much of the editing to the script done, so we were able to get the slides to the printer and the voice recording done on Monday. Today, we trimmed the whole thing slightly to get it down to 9m58s, and now we’re working on the music. If things continue to progress as well as they have, we should be finished today. Neat!


We’re up to twelve meetings now! I’ve taken this whole week off so we can go down to Chattanooga (BIMI HQ) and get our slide presentation done. We’re working with Jerry Dwire to that end, and should have a finished product in a few days. Very cool. Necessary too, as September is booked up with meetings. I’m going to use the remainder of the week to make as many phone calls and line up as many meetings as I can. My goal is to have 50 by the end of the year. I’d like to make the leap to full-time deputation by then, so we’ll need a lot of meetings in order to make that happen. Pray for us as we continue to seek God’s will…

Time Management

More meetings. I scheduled these sitting in the shade in my van in between calls, using my cellphone. Juggling a full time job and deputation can require creative time management sometimes.

As of Friday, we’re scheduled for meetings at Open Door Baptist Church on November 13th, First Baptist in Grafton, IL on January 26, and Lafayette Bible Baptist for their Missions Conference January 12-16. Thanks to all the Pastors who graciously granted us time to share our vision for Uganda, Africa.