MISSION: Uganda Blog Update 12-09-2004

It's been an interesting few days.

Yesterday, I discovered after being pulled over for having expired plates that some thief had scraped the tags off my plates (no ticket, sorry traffic cop).

Then, we had placed an ad on EBay to sell some craft items my wife made, and was unable to sell after two craft fairs, when, get this, the server I was hosting the pictures on crashed. So, both websites were down all day yesterday, and our email with them. If anybody tried to email us yesterday and couldn't get through, that's why.

Then, today, as I'm driving home from a job down in Arnold, MO, some punk drops a 3 inch lag bolt off an overpass and nearly through my windshield. At first I thought I'd been shot, until I saw the bolt sticking out of the glass. It's still there, because we don't have the money to get the stupid thing fixed. So, I guess I'll be driving our huge white passenger van to work for awhile. We were going to sell the blue van next year anyway, but I kind of needed it 'til then….

Sometimes, you wish they'd bring back public floggings, you know?

Anyway, thought you'd like to know so you could be praying.

MISSION: Uganda Blog Update 12-06-2004


Finally got our first prayer letter put together and mailed out, and our first email update. Man, those prayer letters are a lot of work. And the postage!! And we're just getting started! Crikey! Finally got the Christmas lights up as well, standing on my rickety, demon-possessed ladder that plots to kill me every time I use it. The kids love this stuff. I try not to think about how the number of Christmases left in this house is diminishing. Makes the trouble of decorating worth it, considering the memories we're building for 'em.

Our meeting at Mission Hill Baptist Church in Palmyra, MO (9 miles outside Hannibal) went well. There was a good crowd, and I really felt like what we had to say resonated with the people. I always enjoy any opportunity to minister to folks, and it encourages me to be used of God to help people grow and serve the LORD more effectively. They gave us a very generous love offering, which was very timely, because we were needing to buy a few more items for the kids for Christmas, but weren't sure how we were going to obtain the money. Plus, it appears they're going to take us on for support as well. Praise the LORD! It amazes me how God works.

Be praying about January. Much hinges on when the churches I've been to already send in their support, if any. If they get it in this month, then we'll be alright, and will receive it the first of January. If they wait 'til January, we won't get anything 'til February, which could make January very tight. I'm working the first week of January, and then no more after that, so these kind of things are rather important.

MISSION: Uganda Blog Update 12-01-2004

Greetings one and all in the name of the LORD, and welcome to this, our first email update. I've been busily gathering email addresses the past two months, and now that our first prayer letter is going out (coming soon to a church near you), I figured it was time to start doing these updates. They will be shorter by far than the letters, but will arrive with more frequency. To date, we are at 5% support, and have been in 15 churches. We have been on deputation since September, and as the year's end approaches, we are looking forward to our imminent transition to full-time deputation. Up 'til now, I've been working for a local computer service outfit, fixing computers to pay the bills, while working in phone calls where I could, lining up meetings, and going to them on the weekends. God has greatly blessed in helping me to schedule 39 meetings so far, and we have been busily attending them.

I got the opportunity to up to Alaska in October, and spent a month up there, spread out over 5 missions conferences and 3 Sunday night meetings. It was quite beautiful, and the people were very gracious and receptive to our vision for Uganda. I have to say, I have greatly enjoyed deputation so far. I was dreading it somewhat at the onset, but I have been very encouraged by the churches we have attended. It has helped polish my preaching, my delivery of our message, and has greatly invigorated my walk with the LORD. It is quite exciting to be doing the LORD's work, and to know that what you're doing is what He truly desires.

Pray for us. We have a lot of driving ahead of us, and need God's protection. We need between 10% and 15% of our support by the end of the year so we can live once I quit my job. I would like to have next year solidly booked through June, so pray I'll be able to get ahold of Pastors (always a challenge), and be able to secure meetings. Pray God will raise the support quickly, and preferably, relatively close to home (except for lovely Alaska 🙂 ) so we won't have to kill ourselves travelling when we come home on furlough to "rest" and report to our supporting churches.

These are exciting days, and we look forward to bearing witness to all God is going to do.


Good meeting. The church has a really good spirit, and it was a pleasure to minister there. We had a great time of fellowship over at the Kiefer's house. They have a boy our guys' age, and a little girl a bit older than Elizabeth. She almost didn't know what to do with herself. There's a general shortage of little girls at our church, not to mention three year old boys, so it was a pleasant change of pace for everybody. They live in this huge farmhouse, which is good, because they have six children. No meeting this week, on account of the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving all!! We're busily working on the first of many prayer letters, so be on the lookout guys. God bless…

Back to Work

Finished up at Open Door Baptist, and then we came back home to crash. After a few days of rest and catching up with my family, it was back to work on Thursday. Work is going fine, and I'm glad I still know what I'm doing, and I still have a job and all, but I sure am looking forward to being a full time missionary. Until we get 10% support, tho', I have no choice – I have to work a secular job. We're up early this Sunday morning, and will be driving down to Perryville, MO, to Heartland Baptist Church. It's about 90 miles from here, so we can make it in time if we get an early start, and then drive back home tonight after church. I'll be showing our slides during Sunday School, and preaching in the morning service, and then we'll be spending the day there so folks can get to know us a little better.