MISSION: Uganda Blog Update 12-22-2004

Greetings, folks!

We were in Philadelphia Baptist Church in Philadelphia, MO (close to Palmyra, outside Hannibal) for their missions conference this past weekend. We were there, on our way to Uganda, East Africa, and so was Lenelle Smith, on her way to Ivory Coast, West Africa, so it was all African missionaries. It's always good to meet other folks on their way to Africa, who share your burden for the continent. Africa's a big place, and you can't really run out of work to do or places to go and work as a missionary. The need is ever present, and never diminishes. We had an all African dinner on Saturday, featuring food from Ivory Coast. It had a lot of curry in it, which I thought was really tasty, but which apparently lit some folks on fire. We all wore our African garments, and had some good fellowship with the people.

Sunday went well. We all slept like the dead on Sunday afternoon, and then got up to pack. My nimble-fingered, future pick-pocket daughter spirited away my travel alarm clock, which I need to make sure I wake up on time in the morning. My wife set it down for second, and turned
to get something, and <POOF>, it was gone. It turned out later that she'd been "helping pack", and had put it in her suitcase. Overall, it was a great conference, and I'm glad we got to attend, especially this late in the year.

We're getting ready for Christmas now, as, I'm sure, are all of you. We're looking forward to the break. It's been exceptionally busy, which is good, but physically very tiring. God bless all of you during the Christmas season. Looking forward to the many exciting adventures that lay ahead in the year to come. Be praying –> the sun goes down on my secular employment on January 1. We will officially be full-time then. We'll be driving up to Scotts Bluff, Nebraska on January 1 (hitting the ground running) for a Sunday meeting up there in Bible Baptist Church (Don Brush, Anna's uncle, is a deacon there). Then we'll swing north and spend a few days in South Dakota with her grandparents, Burton and Mildred Brush. Grandpa Brush is not doing well. The cancer appears to be winning, so we wanted to go see him while we still can. Pray for his health, and for his family's comfort. The board of Pioneer Bible Institute is meeting near the year's end to transfer leadership to his son, Don Brush, so pray for him as he takes on this huge responsibility. Pray for us as we engage in an insane amount of driving, that we won't have any car trouble, or accidents, and that I'll be able to stay awake.

Merry Christmas, one and all!!

MISSION: Uganda Email Update 12-13-2004

We were at Lifegate Baptist Church in Ellisville, MO last night. I have no idea what great thing God was attempting to do last night, but the Devil was surely fighting us. What a day! None of the kids took naps, which meant neither did we. They all had to be spanked, and were all crabby and hard to deal with before we left. Plus, there was a lot of last minute stuff that almost made us late to church. It felt like walking into the wind all day until we got there. Like I said before we left "Well, we must be going the right way, because the Devil sure is fighting us." The meeting went well. Pastor Squires and his wife Marion were very gracious, and everyone was very helpful. They gave us a very generous love offering, which is very important in these weeks remaining before I quit my job. I'm going to be leaving my job a week earlier than planned, because Anna's grandfather is doing worse. We'll be taking a meeting up in Scott's Bluff, Nebraska on January 2, then spending the rest of the week with the Brush's in South Dakota. I think God is motivating these churches to be generous to us because he planned all along for it to be this way, and wanted to reassure us that everything is in His control, and that we will be provided for. We have a conference in Philadelphia, MO next weekend (Philadelphia Baptist Church, Roger Stevens), so be praying for us as we drive, and attend the conference. I am going to have to take a half-day off on Friday, and again on Monday so we can crash when we come home Sunday night (it's a four-hour drive from here). Also, I have to give my boss the news of my looming resignation soon, and I dread it a bit, because I hate to leave a good job where people are depending on me. And yet I must.

Holy Flying Metal, Batman!

Here’s the picture I took before we got the windshield replaced. I guess God still has plans for me, eh? God has provided 200 dollars for the windshield, which has been replaced now. Thank you all for your prayers.

Bolt 02

Bolt 02

MISSION: Uganda Blog Update 12-11-2004

Just FYI. Somebody came forward to help us with the cost of the windshield! Praise the LORD! So, for those of you who were praying….

MISSION: Uganda Blog Update 12-09-2004

It's been an interesting few days.

Yesterday, I discovered after being pulled over for having expired plates that some thief had scraped the tags off my plates (no ticket, sorry traffic cop).

Then, we had placed an ad on EBay to sell some craft items my wife made, and was unable to sell after two craft fairs, when, get this, the server I was hosting the pictures on crashed. So, both websites were down all day yesterday, and our email with them. If anybody tried to email us yesterday and couldn't get through, that's why.

Then, today, as I'm driving home from a job down in Arnold, MO, some punk drops a 3 inch lag bolt off an overpass and nearly through my windshield. At first I thought I'd been shot, until I saw the bolt sticking out of the glass. It's still there, because we don't have the money to get the stupid thing fixed. So, I guess I'll be driving our huge white passenger van to work for awhile. We were going to sell the blue van next year anyway, but I kind of needed it 'til then….

Sometimes, you wish they'd bring back public floggings, you know?

Anyway, thought you'd like to know so you could be praying.