‘First’ Meeting

We're up to sixteen meetings now. Preached in our sister church, Maranatha Baptist church for William Gllespie. We'll be giving our slides in the evening service tonight at our home church, which qualifies as our first official meeting.


We got our prayer cards today!! Also booked another meeting today, which brings the total up to fourteen.


Alright. I think it'll be okay. Maybe I won't have to quit after all. In other news: THE PRAYER CARDS ARE DONE!!! WOO HOO!! Should arrive any day now. Now, on to the display…


Well, took me two days instead of one. At any rate, I've fixed the layout, and everything should be up there for your viewing pleasure now. We're up to 13 meetings now, and I hope to get some more today. Be praying, as my job wants us to go to some unnecessary convention in San Antonio in November, which I cannot attend because I already have a meeting scheduled. I was hoping to remain in this job through the end of the year, and really need more meetings and support in order to quit without starving us. Confustication and bebotherment!


Got ‘er done in record time. The music selection took longer than the actual slide preparation. We were finished, tho’, by 1700 on Tuesday, and home that night by around midnight. We gave our pastor and family a sneak preview Wednesday night. I have the remainder of the week off, so I’m capitalizing on the time to try and make phone calls, and do things to get ready for September, which is when we will be starting our first meetings. Currently, I’m working on a Flash animation version of our slide presentation, so folks can view the slides in their entirety from the internet. Keep your eyes peeled, because I intend to get that posted on the site today if possible.