Lined up a missions conference with Todd Strickllin in Naragonsett Baptist Church in Rhode Island for October of next year. As to Alaska, looks like I can maybe swing eight meetings if I work it right. So, as of now, we have 28 meetings lined up.

Yukon Ho!

Today was an exceptionally productive day. Got two more meetings lined up in the morning. Then, get this: my pastor put me in touch with Tim Page in Alaska, and he's going to get us into six churches in Alaska. ALASKA!! Always wanted to go to Alaska. Anyway, that's at the end of October, and I've been praying that God would help me fill October because I was having difficulty filling that month. I've also been praying that God would get our support up to a thousand a month by the end of the year so I can do deputation full time. This would go far towards meeting that goal. It seemed to me to be God's provision, so I agreed to come. However, I will still need the funds to a) purchase the appx. $470 plane to get there and back b) rent a car while there c) cover our living expenses from Oct 24 to Nov 12, since I won't be working and hence, won't be bringing in any income. Also, I've got to work this out with my employer. I haven't played my hand yet, and don't know how they'll react to the news. Lot of stuff, but I'm confident God will provide, since it was His idea in the first place. God has marvelously provided, and it is a great encouragement to us that we're going the right direction. Be praying, folks…

‘First’ Meeting

We're up to sixteen meetings now. Preached in our sister church, Maranatha Baptist church for William Gllespie. We'll be giving our slides in the evening service tonight at our home church, which qualifies as our first official meeting.


We got our prayer cards today!! Also booked another meeting today, which brings the total up to fourteen.


Alright. I think it'll be okay. Maybe I won't have to quit after all. In other news: THE PRAYER CARDS ARE DONE!!! WOO HOO!! Should arrive any day now. Now, on to the display…