All our adventures as missionaries, past and present.


The slide presentation is going much more quickly than expected. We had the slides (the pictures) ready when we came, thanks to Anna, and much of the editing to the script done, so we were able to get the slides to the printer and the voice recording done on Monday. Today, we trimmed the whole thing slightly to get it down to 9m58s, and now we’re working on the music. If things continue to progress as well as they have, we should be finished today. Neat!


We’re up to twelve meetings now! I’ve taken this whole week off so we can go down to Chattanooga (BIMI HQ) and get our slide presentation done. We’re working with Jerry Dwire to that end, and should have a finished product in a few days. Very cool. Necessary too, as September is booked up with meetings. I’m going to use the remainder of the week to make as many phone calls and line up as many meetings as I can. My goal is to have 50 by the end of the year. I’d like to make the leap to full-time deputation by then, so we’ll need a lot of meetings in order to make that happen. Pray for us as we continue to seek God’s will…

Time Management

More meetings. I scheduled these sitting in the shade in my van in between calls, using my cellphone. Juggling a full time job and deputation can require creative time management sometimes.

As of Friday, we’re scheduled for meetings at Open Door Baptist Church on November 13th, First Baptist in Grafton, IL on January 26, and Lafayette Bible Baptist for their Missions Conference January 12-16. Thanks to all the Pastors who graciously granted us time to share our vision for Uganda, Africa.


Today was a productive day. Currently, we’re booked for a Sunday meeting in December, at Lifegate Baptist Church in Ellisville, MO, and a missions conference in Heritage Baptist Church in St. Louis, MO in February. I wasn’t really sure how the whole calling Pastors thing was going to work, but it turned out to not be so bad once I got started. Sure appreciate the graciousness of those guys. I’m finding it to be rather challenging to work the needed calling around my job schedule, which has been very busy of late. I’m looking forward to getting the requisite 10-15% support we need to live on, and/or a full meeting schedule, so I can quit my job and do this full time. Hate serving two masters. Just isn’t fair to my current employers, and puts a real drag on my real calling, which is deputation.

As of now, the prayer card design is done, all but the family picture, which should be back from development early next week. We’ll be getting it off to the printers after that, and should receive the output not too long thereafter. Our letterhead (for prayer letters) is done, and our slide presentation script is complete. We’re working on getting the pictures selected and organized, and are picking out the music. We’ve booked the third week in August to go back down to Chattanooga to work with Jerry Dwire and get the slide presentation done. That leaves the display, for which we have all the component parts. We just need to finalize the design, and we should be all good after that. In the meantime, I’m calling pastors as often as I can find time, which is tricky, because pastors keep business hours too. Pray that I’ll get adequate time, and a full schedule quickly, so we can enter the full time phase of deputation soon.

Interesting days ahead….


We have started. Deputation is on. James and I agree, we are really eager to get started. However, we have a long road ahead of us. James has been making phone calls to set up meetings. We have one meeting in September and one meeting in December. It was SO exciting when he got that second meeting! The kids are excited about "driving around" as they call it. Jamie has been begging us every day to start driving around. You see, when we got back from Candidate School we told them that we would be riding on an airplane to Africa but first we had to drive around and get support. At first they just reminded us about this every day. Now he has started begging to start driving around. I wonder, will he be this excited about getting in that van and driving around when we've been doing it for a year!? This is just the beginning and the end is just a distant point on the horizon. More later….